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3132 U.S. 322
Monroe, New Jersey 08094, US
3132 U.S. 322 Monroe New Jersey 08094 US

Our FloodDefender system design is based on the following Standards:
• American National Standard for Flood Mitigation Equipment (ANSI/FM 2510-2020)
• US Army Corps of Engineers – Maximum Impact Forces of Woody Debris on Floodplain
• Structures (February 2018)
• International Building Code (IBC)
• American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
• American Iron and Steel Institute, North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Structural Framing (AISI)
• Steel Stud Manufacturers Association (SSMA)
• NOTE : The engineering analyses indicate maximum steel fiber stresses and deflections to be acceptable for the application with sufficient factors of safety under all loading conditions required by applicable codes and guidelines. Engineering Analyses have been third party peer reviewed for methodology and accuracy

Portadam has been providing temporary water diversion solutions for nearly four decades. Our full product lineup and service-oriented approach ensures that your needs will be met. For your flood protection needs, we help you obtain a flood risk analysis report on your location based on proprietary scientific analysis. A comprehensive flood protection implementation plan can also be developed by our expert team. We can then design and deliver the best flood protection system to protect your property. Our experts provide initial and subsequent annual refresher training to your on-site team to ensure proper deployment of your flood protection barrier when required. You have the flexibility to select the best combination of our full-service offerings to meet your exact requirements.

We offer a full range of flood protection services:
-Site surveys and analysis reports
-Comprehensive flood protection implementation plan
-On-site trainings
-Variety of flood fighting products, including: FloodDefender Our best-in-class flood barrier is constructed of high-quality steel and lightweight aluminum, topped with an impervious, reinforced PVC sealing sheet. Each barrier system is custom built for your site.
– Rapidly Deployable: 150 linear feet goes up in 45 minutes with a crew of four (link)
– Easy to Assemble: No tools required, no piece weighs over 25 pounds
– Compact Storage: A 150 linear foot barrier of 48” height protection can be stored in a single 6’ x 4’ x 4’ portable, stackable crate (insert link or image)
– Customizable, Modular Design: Our experts design custom barriers with a variety of heights and shapes.
– Built to Last: The core metal components last decades, and the sealing sheet is rated for 7 years of continuous UV exposure.

Portadam Expanded Flood Fighting Brochure

Portadam FloodDefender™ One Page Brochure

VIDEO – Portadam Flood Defender Deployment Demo

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