Capturing rainwater that comes down on your property is an easy way to manage stormwater runoff and protect local water quality that is so important to Middle Peninsula’s recreational opportunities, economy, and quality of life.

There are many different things you can do, including:

  • Downspout Disconnect/Redirect - Look for opportunities to redirect downspouts to lawn and garden areas instead of paved or concrete surfaces. Also be sure that all downspouts are directed away from foundations to avoid basement flooding.
  • Rain Barrels - Rain barrels capture and hold water until it can be used or slowly released into planted areas. For rain barrels to be effective at controlling stormwater, it is important to have a plan for using the water before installing one.
  • Planting Trees - Planting trees are a great way to reduce stormwater runoff. If you have a stream on your property, planting trees along the stream can be the best thing you do for water quality and the trees will help prevent the stream from eroding away your property. The more trees the better but aim for a forest that is at least 35 ft. wide. At the very least don't mow your lawn directly up to the edge of the streambank.
  • Meadows - If trees aren't an option add ornamental grasses, flowers, and shrubs. Meadows, whether large or small, increase the ability of the land to absorb water. Meadows can be a great way to reduce the amount of time you spend mowing the grass and can be placed in the areas that are the most difficult to mow.
  • Rain Gardens - One of the best options for managing stormwater on your property is to install a rain garden. A rain garden is a bowl-shaped garden that can capture and hold water until it is able to be absorbed into the soil. Rain gardens can be a do-it-yourself project but it may be wise to seek the services of a landscape professional.
  • Pervious Pavers - Pervious pavers can look similar to a traditional brick or stone patio, sidewalk, or driveway. The difference is that they are installed with a thick stone base that provides space for water to be stored until it soaks into the ground. They are great for converting hard surfaces that usually make a lot of stormwater, into a surface that absorbs, manages, and reduces stormwater runoff.
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