Fight the Flood Program Investment in Middle Peninsula Flood Protection


in direct loans and grants and counting (2020 to July 1, 2024 and counting) 

235 Applications Submitted Requesting $159,059,924 for Middle Peninsula Flood Protection from 2020 to July 1, 2024
  • 2024 - 58 Applications Submitted Requesting $104,378,663
  • 2023 - 44 Applications Submitted Requesting $14,386,148
  • 2022 - 92 Applications Submitted Requesting $28,131,659
  • 2021 - 31 Applications Submitted Requesting $11,009,109
  • 2020 - 10 Applications Submitted Requesting $1,154,345

Annual Flood Protection Investment Level Totals awarded via Fight the Flood
  • 2024 - 14 Applications Awarded Totaling $17,372,091
  • 2023 - 23 Applications Awarded Totaling $6,399,457
  • 2022 - 23 Applications Awarded Totaling $13,612,148
  • 2021 - 19 Applications Awarded Totaling $5,968,763
  • 2020 - 10 Applications Awarded Totaling $1,154,345

Active FTF Awarded Grants
  • Severn River Captain Sinclairs Shoreline Protection Award: $200,000
  • Ware River Award - Multi parcel Private Shoreline Reach Protection Project: Award:  $160,000
  • North River Award - Targeted High Erosion Private  Shoreline Protection:  Award $220,000
  • Middlesex County - DCR Community Flood Preparedness Grant Fund Award to address littoral shift of sand due to changing geomorphological conditions driven by climate  change and storm surge:  $44,000

VRA - Loan Funding For Living Shorelines

$250K - VRA Loan Closed

$250K - VRA Loan Closed

Gloucester County
4 loans made:  935 Linear Feet 
Total Loans:  $265,731

Middlesex County
2 loans made:  182 Linear Feet
Total Loans:  $180,018

Mathews County  
3 loans made:  998 Linear Feet  
Total Loans:  $111,272

Total - $557,021 (*loan forgiveness)

Loan Funds Available


VRA Loan Funds for living shoreline construction and septic systems repair. Program Funds Anticipated January 2022

MPPDC-DEQ Grant Funds Available for Shoreline Protection


Open for $20,000 Grants January 2021 Hurricane Florence Living Shoreline Grants for sections of Mathews County

RISE Rural Coastal Resiliency Business Competation


Million Rural Coastal Community Resilience Challenge:

US Department of Transportation RAISE


Designing Multimodal Working Waterfronts to combat flooding and other stressors on waterfront infrastructure

Vertically Elevated Next Generation Residential Septic System Pilot


Grant Virginia General Assembly to design and build next general septic to combat flooding

Virginia Housing - Next Generation Waterfront Residential House Design and Build


Grant for housing production for the next generation of waterfront homes fighting flooding

Virginia Waterways Maintenance Fund


Grant for dredging work and beach restoration work for resiliency Mathews County

Virginia Coastal Zone Management Next Generation Shoreline Battle Plans


For development of shoreline plans to direct future spending

Middle Peninsula Dredging Studies for Shoreline and Channel Protection

Middle Peninsula Dredging Business Plan - $297,000

Middle Peninsula Dredging Design/Studies to make projects “Shovel ready”

  • Cedarbush Creek                                $175,000
  • Parrots Creek                                      $150,000
  • Winter Harbor                                    $150,000
  • Hole In the Wall                                 $129,395
  • Davis Creek                                        $132,128
  • Aberdeen Creek                                 $117,528
  • Timberneck                                        $115,328

Pending Applications

Applications Submitted to the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation Virginia Community Flood Protection Program
37 Applications Submitted under Round 1 and Round 2 to the Department of Conservation nd Recreation requesting $2,390,767 in need

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