As a property owner on the Middle Peninsula, you’re at risk for flooding whether you see standing outside of your back door or not.

That’s why your participation in the Fight the Flood program managed by the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission is so important. This proactive program provides property owners with tools and funding to contract with specialized businesses that can evaluate, design and build solutions.

Grants — money that does not need to be repaid — can help with this process. Loans for these types of projects are often difficult to get through traditional means, but the program has these available to help as well. It’s better to act now than wait for flooding to damage or destroy your property.

Property owners can apply for financial assistance – those grants and loans – through the Flight the Flood program. Please note that public funding can sometimes arrive very quickly, or can take months and years. It all depends on who is providing the financial assistance…and if you get in line through this form.

The form only takes a few minutes to complete.

However, one of the questions asks you to enter your Tax Map/Parcel ID for your property and instead of leaving you wondering what that is, we’ve outlined details for you on how to get that information for the application.

What is the Tax Map/Parcel ID? Your local tax assessment office assigned you this information when you purchased your property.

How can I locate the Tax Map/Parcel ID? Here are some of the easiest ways:

  • If you have your annual property tax bill on hand, the Parcel Number is clearly marked and located next to your name as the property owner.
  • Go online. Each of the counties on the Middle Peninsula lists this information in multiple places on the internet. Follow the links below that are specific to where your property is located list for the easiest way to locate your Tax Map/Map ID number.
  • It can be more challenging to find your Map ID/Parcel ID if your property does not have a structure on it and is without a physical address. If you have a deed or paperwork from the purchase, the Map ID/Parcel ID will be listed on the deed. If you don’t have a deed or paperwork from the purchase, contact the Clerk’s office at your local courthouse for help in getting access to it. At minimum, provide your Tax ID number, which is located on your county treasurer’s tax bill, to help us find the information.
  • Still stumped? You can always contact your country treasurer’s office for assistance.
    • Essex: 804-443-4371
    • Gloucester: 804-693-2141
    • King and Queen: 804-769-5004
    • King William County: 804-769-4931
    • Mathews County: 804-725-2341
    • Middlesex: 804-758-5302

For further information about the Fight the Flood program, contact the Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission using this form.

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