There's no doubt about it, making substantial changes and improvements to properties on the Middle Peninsula to help property owners Fight the Flood takes money. And that's what the Fight the Flood program can help provide. This program helps connect property owners facing rising flood waters with funding mechanisms to contract with specialized businesses who can help evaluate, design, and build solutions to FIGHT THE FLOOD.

Those funding mechanisms include grants and loans available through various means.

Listed below are a few of those tools.

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Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission Revolving Loan Program Funding

  • Septic Repair Program to assist flooded septic systems: capitalized with ~$700,000 loan funds.
  • Living Shorelines: capitalized with $250,000-$500,000. Can include nature-based shoreline BMP construction and coastal stormwater BMP construction.
  • Energy Efficiency Revolving Loan Program: ~$45,000
  • Small Business Training Loan Funds for Coastal Business: ~$140,000

Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission Grants

Grants will be leveraged and utilized to provide protection for hazard and flood prone areas with an enhanced focus on socioeconomically vulnerable property owners in the region. Grants can be awarded for nature-based shoreline BMP construction, coastal stormwater BMP construction, and residential infrastructure resiliency improvements including structures, septic systems, utilities, etc.

$75,000 (grant) loan forgiveness available.

VCAP Grants offered by SWCD.

Insurance Programs

  • New Paradigm Underwriters: parametric insurance for living shorelines and septic systems available.
  • Middle Peninsula Planning District Commission Living Shoreline
  • Plant Insurance Program

Collaborative Community Based Funding Projects

  • Ware River, Gloucester County Targeted Areas: $170,000 grants and loans available.
  • Mathews County Target Area: $150,000 grants and $70,000 + loan funds available.

*Taking applications for other targeted areas.

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Simply put, Fight the Flood connects property owners to contractors who can help them protect their property from rising flood waters and the financial tools available to fund those projects.

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