Pet waste is ugly, smelly (EW!!) and unhealthy for our waterways.

It poses a health risk to pets, bodies of water, and people.

Pet waste left on sidewalks, streets, trails, and grassy areas is immediately flushed into the nearest waterway when it rains.

Even if you can’t see the water near you, the pet waste goes into a storm drain where it travels untreated to your neighborhood stream or lake.

Why you should properly pick up your pet's waste:

  • Pet waste contains nutrients that will accelerate the growth of nuisance algae. Waste left on the ground is carried into area waterways and adversely affects underwater life.
  • Animal waste can contain harmful organisms that can be transmitted to other animals and to humans.
  • Be a courteous neighbor. Scoop the poop so they don't have to worry about stepping in pet waste and spreading it into their homes, vehicles and businesses.
  • Picking up waste keeps our environment beautiful and clean.
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