If you've arrived here, on this page, chances are you are a contractor or consultant who works with property owners in areas prone to flooding.

Perhaps you build things. Perhaps you protect things. Perhaps you insure things.

If you help people build more resilient properties and plans to help them Fight the Flood, then we want you.

The Interactive Dashboard below highlights businesses that have made the commitment to assist property owners with flood mitigation efforts.

How Fight the Flood Works

In many ways, Fight the Flood is something like an online dating site. We connect property owners to the right contractors and consultants to help them with their flooding challenges and then help provide financial tools to pay for it (thanks to grants and loans our team is able to secure).

But just like any dating app, there can be a cost to get connected.


Register to become part of the Fight the Flood business group available for property owners to utilize here. Once you register, we will send you a survey to complete where you can detail the work of your business and how you can help property owners Fight the Flood.

Business Registration

Are you interested in protecting your business property?

Property Owners Registration

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Simply put, Fight the Flood connects property owners to contractors who can help them protect their property from rising flood waters and the financial tools available to fund those projects.

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